Who We Are

We are a highly passionate and experienced team composed of talented college lecturers and practitioners coming from various cultures and majoring in an array of subject areas.

We are dedicated to promoting dialogue, mutual understanding, and cooperation among people in our increasingly multicultural society. Our vision is to be an innovative learning and development community for a growing number of young people studying and living in Germany. We are passionate about what we do. This passion drives our pursuit of excellence and promotes an optimistic, creative and fun environment.




Youta Workshops and Trainings

Academic Skills

How long have you usually been sitting in the library without knowing how to make strong arguments for your term paper? Would you like to try something different this time? Then join our academic skills workshops. That will help you improve your skills in academic writing, speaking and presentation in German language.

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Intercultural Training

Have you been confronted with great difficulties in understanding the cultural values and behavioral patterns of people whom you are working or living with? Are you aiming to work in an international environment and develop your global leadership? Using our talented faculty of highly trained and experienced experts, we offer a range of Tailor-made training programs in a variety of subject areas.

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Career Service

Are you wondering why you haven´t been invited to a job interview yet after sending out hundreds of application letters? Or you are wrestling with the questions like “what should I expect during an assessment center”? In our application training you will learn how to deal with questions like these. We also provide you with coaching for a successful job-hunting.

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Youta Programs

Summer & Winter School

Are you tired of learning hard theoretical stuff all the time during the semester? If you are looking for fun and unique experiences. Our summer & winter school program is the right place for you. You will get to know young peers from different cultural backgrounds. The outdoor activities and small group team challenges will help you develop communication and leadership skills.

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Interdisciplinary Forum

Are you an expert in your field and willing to help young people develop professional expertise by sharing your knowledge and experience? Are you on the way to becoming an expert and seeking to expand your horizons? Our Interdisciplinary Forum offers a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

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Internship Programs

Have you got any idea of what you are going to do in the future? Are you looking for an opportunity to practice what you have learned during your college study? Would you like to build up a professional network before you need a job? Join us and pave the way to your future career around the world!

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